Stouffer S Lasagna

Stouffer S Lasagna, the most delicious dish I ever had. It is endowed with a layer of meat sauce and mozzarella cheese and it is among the best selling dishes in America. The dish had been cooked firmly with superior texture and flavour. The dish had the toppings of three different natural cheeses –cottage, mozzarella; parmesan. The five cheese lasagne gives a splendid blend of three different cheeses.

Stouffer Coupons

Stouffer S Lasagna

On a good note, I had coupons for the meal. At that moment, I just felt blessed. Sitting in one of the best restaurants and ordering such a delicious dish with the felicity of having discount coupons for the dish. The coupon not only provided monetary remission but also various offers. I could avail many other dishes at a cheaper price. I had a benefit of ordering any product of Stouffer S Lasagna within a specific range for free.

When I had received the coupon, I was under the impression that all these deals are to exploit customer. But when I actually went to the restaurant and experienced the mesmerizing dish, I realized that I was wrong. No compromise was made in the taste and quality of the dish. The flavours were so appetizing that I could not stop myself from ordering more.

Getting all those delicious flairs in a single platter at an affordable price was the best thing I could get on redeeming a coupon.

Pros of the coupon

Everyone loves availing offers for the things they love and so do I. The coupon offered a range of deductions for different dishes. It helped me get the best offers, and so I could plan my dinner wisely .Ordering a family size meal, I had the best ever experience. As for me, coupons are a sophisticated way of saving money, along with providing discounts and offers. I think the use of coupons are very savvy and help satisfying customers…

Stats of the coupon

Unlike other coupons, the Stouffer S Lasagna coupon has discount and bargains printed on it. In addition to this it also has a unique code to identify different coupons. A quick overview as to how the coupon looked like.

1) The coupon had a unique 10 digit code.

2) The coupon could be used twice as long as they don’t get expired.

3) The coupon also had alphanumeric characters.

No Conditions Applied

As we see in many coupons we have a * saying conditions applied, but this was not the case in the coupon of Stouffer S Lasagna. The coupon had no ifs and buts. Above all, the best thing was that the coupon was not restricted to any particular restaurant or hotel. The offers were valid for any hotel offering the platter as a result we could redeem the coupon from any part of the country.

Money is not always needed

The dish was a perfect blend of taste and texture. Perfectly cooked and served. The dish was not very spicy as the Italian dishes tend to be. It had the right amount of cheese and meat. The sauce provided was another thing to appreciate All these were present and I had to pay zero bucks. With No offenses, I just loved the dish.

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